International Weed Genomics Consortium


The International Weed Genomics Consortium (IWGC) provides a platform for private and public collaboration) to develop genomic tools and resources and to stimulate global research in weed biology and management.

Understanding evolutionary processes in weeds, such as resistance, stress tolerance, and gene flow, requires genomic resources and a trained workforce to analyze and implement innovation with this data.

The IWGC is addressing these challenges to develop the critical resources for major weeds through Academia and Industry research and training partnerships.

The IWGC will complete 10 weed genomes within three years in partnership with capability provider Corteva Agriscience through their genome technology core.

The main objectives of the consortium are:

  1. Obtain quality reference genomes for the most important weed species worldwide
  2. Provide user-friendly genome analytical tools and training through web-based databases and resources
  3. Facilitate inter-disciplinary collaboration and workforce development within this emerging field


Founding Members


Affiliate Member

Herbicide Resistance Action Committee

USDA Funding


Academic Partners

The University and Private Institution members include Colorado State University, Rothamsted Research, Auburn University, Clemson University, Kansas State University, Washington State University, University of Illinois, Michigan State University, University of California – Davis, Oregon State University, University of Adelaide, University of Western Australia, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Zhejiang University, Kyoto University, Seoul National University, Agricultural Research Organization (Israel), University of Copenhagen, Texas A&M, North Carolina A&T, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.



The IWGC includes members from industry and academic institutions worldwide.

Executive Committee

Todd Gaines
Associate Professor
Molecular Weed Science
Colorado State University
Sarah Morran
Weed Scientist
Molecular Weed Science
Colorado State University
Dana MacGregor
Weed Molecular Biologist
Rothamsted Research
Scott McElroy
Turf Weed Science
Auburn University
Roland Beffa
Team Leader
Weed Resistance Research
Bayer CropScience
Eric Patterson
Assistant Professor
Weed genetics
Michigan State University


The IWGC is hosting a weed genomics conference on September 22-24, 2021, in Kansas City, MO, with support from USDA-AFRI. The conference will be hybrid with in-person and virtual options, including hands-on training, keynote speakers, a poster session, and a workshop to prioritize weed genomics research objectives.

Training modules will include:

  • Molecular Biology 101
  • RNA-Seq pipelines
  • Mapping herbicide resistance and quantitative traits
  • Command Line 101
  • Population Genomics

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